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-- Under Construction --

This page will contain the library catalog search interface.

Our current software cannot link directly to songs from within catalog records. Please either:

  1. copy and past catalog records to a word processing document, and then go to the stacks, or
  2. open a new window in your browser to search the stacks, and toggle back and forth between windows.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

(Note: This catalog does not have a Subject field. This is a deliberate choice. There are two reasons for this.

Firstly, because subject cataloging of poetry (song texts; or any art objects, really) is very subjective. Any subject terms used might not match a searcher's idea of what a work is about.

And secondly, because full-text databases of poems and song texts perform subject searches just as well as human-created catalogs, and save a LOT of time and money in their creation. A search in the Lied, Art Song and Choral Texts Page or Google Book Search would be just as effective at finding poems or songs on a particular subject.)

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