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Baker, BF-Arouse ye, patriot whigs-21
Baker, BF-Blow on, blow on-22
Balmer, C-A heart that's kind and true-24
Balmer, C-She haunts me still in dreams-25
Balmer, C-The bonnie flag with the stripes and stars-23
Bartlett, HN-Look not upon me with thine eyes-2
Beach, JP-A woman's last word-3
Beach, JP-Autumn song-4
Beach, JP-Ici-bas-5
Beach, JP-The kings-6
Beach, JP-Twas in a world of living leaves-7
Branscombe, G-Serenade-8
Branscombe, G-What are we two-9
Bristow, GF-Alas, they know me not-20
Bristow, GF-Herman Van Slaus...When circled round-17
Bristow, GF-He's gone and now the wild wood rose-16
Bristow, GF-Joy, dear mother dims mine eye-14
Bristow, GF-Most potent sir-12
Bristow, GF-Nay do not weep my Alice dear-15
Bristow, GF-Sweetly sounds the chink of gold-10
Bristow, GF-The day is done-13
Bristow, GF-Vivandiere song-18
Bristow, GF-Who speaks, who calls...The dew of night-19
Bristow, GF-Wither art thou going-11
Browne, A-Oh lassie dear, I maun awa'-40
Browne, A-Song of Christiana-42
Browne, A-Song of Mercy-41
Browne, A-The family meeting-43
Browne, A-The reply of the messenger bird-39
Browne, A-The warlike dead in Mexico-44

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