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Claribel-Come back to Erin-26
Claribel-Faithful to you I ever will be-28
Claribel-Five o'clock in the morning-29
Claribel-Half mast high-30
Claribel-I cannot sing the old songs-31
Claribel-Maggie's secret-32
Claribel-Strangers yet-33
Claribel-Take back the heart-34
Claribel-You and I-35
Crouch, FN-Dermot Astore-45
Crouch, FN-I am the bayadere-46
Crouch, FN-I feel I'm growing old Lizzie-47
Crouch, FN-Kathleen Mavourneen-48
Crouch, FN-One story's good till another is told-49
Crouch, FN-The rural grave-50

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